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He’s suffering a bit of backlash for this. What do you think?



I dont like the needle drop


C’mon guys, have you read the article? it’s ridiculous.


Yeezus, is this some hot bullshit.
That channel was a joke channel, and apparently, they can’t get jokes. Fantano was just joking around in that channel, and nothing there was meant to be taken seriously. But no, he’s an alt-right fascist Nazi misogynist whatever for just joking around.
What’s even worse is that melonhead was featured on Fader a while back ago, and isn’t this a huge backstab? A few months ago these assholes at Fader were praising the dude and shit and now he’s being completely shat on for a joke channel?
I find it hilarious how Fader says that he hasn’t made any joke video on white rock musicians. Rock isn’t nearly as popular as hip hop these days, and not every white musician on the planet is going to be a rock musician. That’s just dumb.
I wasn’t a huge fan of that channel, but I did enjoy some of the videos posted there a lot. Whenever I was in the mood for some over-the-top, ridiculous, and edgy comedy videos, I could always count on his channel for watching that kind of stuff.
Sorry if this was too long, but shit like this pisses me off so much.


I don’t really keep up too much on Fantano and his politics but from what I’ve seen of that channel it’s like what pouls said. That whole channel was a big joke—not a very good joke mind you—and it seems some people took it a little too seriously. I think it would be an overreaction to remove his reviews just because of this, and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be watching him closely now, looking for patterns, so if this type of behavior bleeds outside of that channel and becomes more tangible then I think you’d have good grounds to remove his reviews.


“…it became clear Hyde was using the show to smuggle noxious alt-right in-jokes and racist memes onto TV.”

is the funniest sentence I’ve heard all week. Rockstar Games Presents: Meme Smugglers IV.


If he starts harming —physically or verbally— other people due to these political views, his reviews should be removed. I doubt that he’ll do such a thing, though.


lets bee bop bee boop remove a highly influential music reviewer bee bop boop bop for having opinions that don’t align boop boop with mine


He’s not going to be removed, honestly. If he was being harmful, it would make sense if he would. But he’s not.


Right when I saw “pandered to the alt-right” I stopped reading.


Also, I don’t like alexgonzriv, so delete him. Because that’s totally the way it works around here.


This kind of shit is why we have Fantano


Still waiting for his response video, but I saw this today:


Ok, so I’m going to go back to this thread again just to say something here that I was thinking about yesterday.

I used to make games, and the game development community was pretty much infested by these SJWs. I started to spot their hypocrisies in the very beginning of last year, and ever since I have been somewhat critical of the SJWs in that community. I recall tweeting the name of a fake game that had the word “crazy” in it, and then this SJW went full TED Talks on me and gave me this lecture on as to why the word “crazy” was “offensive” and “should never be used”. I also remember writing a joke tweet in which I made fun of the whole Trigger Warning bullshit, and then, this other SJW went also TED Talks on me and gave me another lecture on how “trigger warnings were important” and all that shit. There was also this place in which I used to release my games, and this one dude asked me if I wanted SJWs to dissipate. My answer was “yes”, and he told me that I was a Trump supporter for thinking that way. There was also one occasion in which a journalist involved on that GamerGate debacle praised a game in which you had to beat up Donald Trump, and condemned, on the other hand, a game in which you had to beat up Hillary Clinton. This is the level of bullshit that we are currently in.

This entire Fader drama brought me back to those times because again, this is the level of bullshit that we are currently in. Fader’s article is one of the stupidest things that I’ve ever read in my life. The bad thing about nowadays is that you can’t joke casually anymore; you need to be careful if you’re being “harmful” or “offensive”, because if you’re being slightly that, you’re the worst human being that has ever existed. SJWs that condemn comedy in any way piss me off so much, you have no idea. What Fader is doing here is beyond stupidity to me. They are taking jokes far too seriously, and the worst thing is, there are actually people that like the article. Even other music critics support that stupid article.

The funny thing is, there is a tweet from Laura Snapes that responded positively to the article (I took a print of that tweet, and I’ll most likely put the image here once I find it), saying that she never had faith in Fantano’s channel. What’s so funny to me about this is that none of the websites that she writes for as nearly as relevant as The Needle Drop, and relevancy is yet another thing that relates to this whole debacle.

Some have been saying that the Fader article was made to take some of Fantano’s relevancy away. They think that most of the people that read that article are gullible and that they’ll instantly think that Fantano is an alt-right scumbag that will destroy the world or some shit. First things first, Fantano’s audience is faithful to his channel. Yes, even in spite of all of the memes that flood his comments, his audience is still faithful to him. I don’t think that they’ll turn their backs on the man or something because of some piece. Fantano’s audience KNEW that the channel was a comedy channel that was not supposed to be taken seriously, and its over-the-top and edgy qualities were proof of that. This form of comedy will not spread any ideologies.

The edits were over-the-top, with memes spilled all across those videos and nobody could take those edits seriously because of how --intentionally-- poor they were at times. Fantano’s humor was also excessive and edgy in those videos, and I think that this kind of humor is definitely necessary in these times. Again, jokes are being taken far too seriously, and this kind of humor will dissipate if more people start to take jokes seriously. The thatistheplan channel served to satirize meme culture, and it did so in a way that I’d call excellent. I didn’t enjoy some things posted there, but I did love others. Come to think of it, I actually do miss some of his meme reviews now. Nonetheless, the channel was just comedic and not something meant to pander to the alt-right.

Concluding, I’m pissed off at what happened. Going back to what I said about him harming others with his point of views, I must say that he wouldn’t do that, the more I think about it. Fantano is by no means a member of the alt-right, and whilst he might interact with people that do lean to the far right at times, that doesn’t mean that he is necessarily going to be a member of the alt-right. I mean, the man thinks by himself. He knows what is right and wrong for him, and he has political point of views of his own that do not relate to those who he interacts with, or with the meme reviews that he once made.


This is incredibly disappointing. I feel incredibly bad for Fantano right now.


In order to understand people you need to communicate with them, and that’s exactly what Fantano does. Nothing about this guy comes across as extremist, he’s just another unfortunate person caught in the crossfires. The extremest left & right are far to busy trying to demonizing one another and every time it happens fucking shit like this ends up happening. I also feel like it’s time to stop calling these people “SJWs” because social justice has been dragged through the dirt in the same way that feminism has been. They’re fucking hatemongers and it’s time to start calling them what they are.


Just saw his response video - I had no idea this controversy was going on.

As he states multiple times in the video, Anthony’s views are pretty far left liberal, Like not even centrist liberal a lot of the times. I really think the fact that he’s a white male who tends to also make fun of SJWs just makes him an easy target to have his reputation tarnished, and automatically negates liberal stances he clearly asserts across many platforms. His stinkpiece videos tend to focus on non-music writers making ill-informed social justice-oriented reaches within the music sphere (thinking specifically of the ‘Alt Genres as White Safe Spaces,’ ‘Azealia Banks Pity Part,’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Made Rock Sexist’ articles), and he’ll occasionally knock a popular far-left social initiative, like in his last DFA1979 review when he criticizes the movement against ‘gif blackface.’

He does a good job defending himself in the new video, but I’m scared that in the unforgiving culture of 2017 it’s going to fall on deaf ears. The problem is that while longtime Fantano fans will see through dumb arguments like the Paul Joseph Watson comparison, people outside his base will just see Fader saying “WHITE YOUTUBER’S SECRET NAZI MEME CHANNEL” and shut him down immediately. I don’t think he’ll lose much of his core fanbase from this since they know him better than to fall for the stuff in the Fader piece, but I’d hate to think he’s losing other opportunities because of this.


I thought he did a good job with the response video. I can’t say I was a fan of his alternate channel so I’m not sad to see it go, but then again I wasn’t the target audience of it (and not in the alt-right way).


This is a tricky one since it’s much easier not to comment and I will look like an idiot if more information comes to light that incriminates Fantano. However, based on what I know, I will defend him.

I don’t agree with everything Fantano has done but it feels like the Fader article had a predetermined narrative, cherry-picked information that aligned with it, interpreted his actions in the least charitable way and ignored inconvenient facts. For instance, there is no mention of Fantano’s promotion of channels such as Dead End Hip Hop, artists like Danny Brown (before he was well known) and that he has been supportive of Black Lives Matter. He also released a video about how he felt guilty for liking a French-language album before he translated the lyrics and discovered the band’s views on racialism, sexism and nationalism. ( This all provides much-needed context for his broader views.

Other problems with the article:

  • It has been edited multiple times without a disclaimer (as shown here:
  • Fantano’s recent video demonstrated that this part is false: “he laughs along without challenging Hyde”. I would go further and say that the author of the article was not only incorrect but wilfully misled readers with a blatant, deliberate lie.
  • This part of the article: “This doesn’t require much complex analysis. Fantano thinks the n-word is funny, so he put it in his comedy video. His fans certainly got the message: dozens of comments on this video, and on many of his other videos, use the slur.” This completely ignores the possibility that the people using the word are black. He does, in fact, have black fans. He also clearly does not think the n-word is funny since, according to the same article, he is respectful of not saying it. Plus, and this is most important, YouTube comments are universally cancerous. This is hardly Fantano’s fault.

In short; given the uncharitable interpretations, lack of context and demonstrable lies; I think this article is a hit piece and exemplifies yellow journalism. I would not be surprised if there is a defamation lawsuit.