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The Needle Drop

Hello Rob and users

Yesterday aoty add The Needle Drop and I think is a bad decision because

The National - High Violet 6

The war on drugs - Lost in the dream 7

The Black Keys - brothers 7 and el camino 6

Albums of the years in this decade this low rating???

What do you think?


I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal


He has more influence and technical knowledge than most publications.


Evil laugh


I don’t like the fact that the links go to his YT channel, when the traffic should go to his website. I’ve been using website links and they are changed to YT links. Now I’ll just have to switch. Must be because most people would submit that way, or it’s just somewhat faster access to the review.

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I think that this is great. the melon head definitively deserves this.

This is a Joke

Chromatics 4
Real Estate 3 ???

Alexgonzriv is right. This is no place for opinions, they’re outlawed here. Let’s burn the witch.


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Wait, House of Balloons has a 3? I need to revisit that.
He gave Echoes an 8 though, hmm.
Nvm, he was biased towards the character portrayed in the album and it ruined it for him…

I’m sure other publications like Pitchfork have given terribly low/high scores we can mostly disagree with. Different opinions is the whole point I thought?


He supports the move



In this list all albums was 10/10

No, they are just unrated. Go to his RYM for his 10s.


I’m guessing this is okay to use when asked for a source? I added his score for the Weezer’s blue album using what he put on RYM.

I don’t think so. The links go to his YouTube so there needs to be a review on there.

Melon overrated chromatics, that shit is a 1/10 at best

While we’re at it, lets just take your reviews off the site as well

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Its quite well known TND has a very disjointed opinion on music, but its a great deal better than pitchfork.
Plus its interesting to see other peoples opinions, especially when reasons are given.

This will just make the discord between the user rating and the critic rating all the more clearer ^^