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The Needle Drop's ratings misrepresented in critic reviews

I really like AlbumOfTheYear as a site, it’s great. However, there is a big mistake in how The Needle Drop’s light, decent or strong method of rating albums is represented in the “Critic Reviews” sections.

The Needle Drop – an approved critic on the site – usually rates albums on a scale from 1-10 with each full number being either a light, decent or a strong. Considering this, it doesn’t make sense for his strong sevens to be the same rating as his light sevens here on AlbumOfTheYear (they’re all 70/100s)

A more correct representation of The Needle Drop’s ratings would be the following:

Light 7/10s --> 70/100
Decent 7/10s --> 74/100
Strong 7/10s --> 78/100

This would be logical as he sometimes rates albums “a strong 7 to a light 8”, which would mean that the strong rating is close to the light rating of the closest higher number.

#2 (not as representative of the critic’s opinion)
Light 7/10s --> 66.66…/100 ≈ 67/100
Decent 7/10s --> 70/100
Strong 7/10s --> 73.33…/100 ≈ 73/100
(Light 8/10s --> 76.66…/100 ≈ 77/100)

A mathematician would probably enjoy this second one more. The problem with this one though, is that it would be a little odd for a “strong” 7 to only be a 73/100.

After having watched The Needle Drop’s channel and video reviews for a long time, I believe the first proposal is best (under “#1”). This would improve the site’s perceived professionalism massively as viewers of The Needle Drop – arguably the internet’s most popular music critic – wouldn’t be left confused after seeing ratings on AlbumOfTheYear differ from ratings in his video reviews.

Please share this if you agree, or comment if you disagree/have something to add.


Firstly, does he always describe his rating as either “light”, “decent” or “strong”? If he doesn’t then that causes problems.

Secondly, you could break the rating down even further if you wanted to, e.g.:

  • Strong 6 to Light 7 = 70
  • Light 7 = 71
  • Light to Decent 7 = 72
  • Light to Decent 7 = 73
  • Decent 7 = 74
  • Decent to Strong 7 = 75
  • Decent to Strong 7 = 76
  • Strong 7 = 77
  • Strong 7 to Light 8 = 78

Although, unfortunately, that would leave out a possible “79” rating.