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The Needle Drop's Top 50 Albums of 2017

Fantano’s list this year brought in a few surprises and I’d like to know what your thoughts on these picks were. I’m not going to include the picks here fully, mainly because I don’t have the time / patience to put them here. If anyone could include the picks in this thread, I’d be thankful.

This list was mostly unique to me considering how some of the picks here were completely different from most in other end of the year lists. The top 15 stood out to me, with interesting picks that leaned towards a more experimental direction. Even in spite of that, I do disagree with a lot of the picks here, especially with Mouth Moods being so close to the top 5 and with FJM topping the list. However, that also shows how this list didn’t seem to follow any “trendy” picks or anything like that, and the diversity of releases here is pretty interesting as well. I’ll admit it, I was disappointed by this list because of how much I disagree with it, but I appreciate how different it is.

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Same with Lorde and Kendrick. Melodrama was one of the better pop albums of the year for me, but it’s so massively overrated. It doesn’t really differ for me from most pop releases out there, and I guess that it’ll be thrown under the rug next year. Same with DAMN., the album didn’t really stand out for me because of how generic it feels nowadays. Also, most of the singles off of the album have become so oversaturated and overplayed to a point in which they have become grating.

Also, his reasoning to put Mouth Moods on the list was understandable but I disagree completely with that pick.