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This removal of the "best artworks" tag is a bad decision

Why have tags like “best artworks” been removed? My best guess is since it’s “opinionated”, but that seems weird to me considering this is a music review site that is 100% opinionated.

In order to even get an album to have “best artworks” in its tags, many people need to vote for it, making it not solely based off a couple people’s opinions; it’s what the users have generally collectively agreed upon as a “best artwork”. It makes it interesting to see what users have voted as a best artwork, considering the only reason I come to this site is to see people’s opinions on music, and I feel like album covers are a worthwhile thing to see opinions of.

With tags like this being removed, the tags section is basically now just a genre section. Which there already is a dedicated genre section that people can vote on, so this change practically gets rid of the whole point of the tags section.

I really hope this change gets reverted.


I disagree. Things like this are better off as a users list than as tags.

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Then I would ask, what exactly is the point of tags? Usually its just people voting on genre, which is something that already exists as its own section.

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At this point they should just remove the tag system entirely because it’s becoming useless