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Top 5 Albums on Profile

I think a cool feature that could be added to the site is a top 5 albums of all time row that appears on your profile, kinda like the top 4 movies feature on Letterboxd that appears at the top of your profile.

Edit: well hey it actually got added! pretty sick, very cool feature


i came here to write the same lol.
not all users do a 81-84 87 92 ratings. just a 90. 85 80 etc. and this is a problem. for many users. top 5 on their pages this is actually not a their top 5. and sometimes ppls listen so many music what even rates like 91-92 didnt help to do a top 5.
i want to do manually my top 5. and i want to see some cool phrase about that. not a boring grey little letters best 2022 bla bla bla. i want a TOP 5. or better i can MANUALLY WROTE title for this top 5. with some emojis or wateva. pls. this functions must be here. fax.


Also I could help people with massive libraries and shit-ton of 100s

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