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Update Logos


Can you update allmusic, EW,NME logos?


The NME logo is the only one that appears to be different than what is currently on the site. I will look into getting it updated soon.


Yes, but allmusic and EW are little diferent


The AllMusic logo may be slightly different, but the EW logo looks identical to me. These are the logos being used on the site:


Can you change logo now ,Rob ?


No Update Logo’s

A.V. Club

Can you Update ,Rob?


Can you update logos?


The two that I noticed were slightly different were AllMusic and AV Club. Those have now been updated. You may need to ctrl-f5 to get the new version.


Perfect Rob

Only need change

RS (High Quality)
SPIN (High Quality)

Thank you


EW logo is old

Can you Fix?


Update EW logo


Thank Rob, by update RS , A.V. Club , Allmusic


Update NME Logo


Paste Magazine new logo


The Line of Best Fit new logo


American Songwriter


A.V. Club new logo


Updated. A ctrl-f5 might be in order to see it.




Update Paste Magazine , Rolling Stone , EW