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"User is no longer with us" meaning?

Every time I try to give another user a shout in their shoutbox, it just shows up as “User is no longer with us” in italics and a light grey font.
Am I banned? People have left pretty nice messages before, and the time I tried to reply was with another nice message thanking them?
Is it because I say “fuck” in my reviews? I’m sure I’m not the only person who does that.
If this is common knowledge, forgive me, I just joined this site a month ago and I haven’t seen anything regarding this.

What’s your username?

My username is SarkastiK

Unfortunately I don’t have a note for why you were made inactive. If I had to guess it was because you were rating albums before you heard them? You should be good now though.

I really think I only did that once? Either way, sorry about that and thanks for the help!