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Honestly, I think something that would really propel this site to even further greatness would be a feature that allows users to create their own lists of any kind - though it’d mostly be great as a way to share around our year-end lists, I’d imagine that it could be used even further to make a list of any other topic (e.g. top albums of the 50’s, albums with appealing cover art, worst albums, most anticipated albums of 2017, etc.)

Users would be able to name their lists, describe what’s in in it, select and arrange music releases in an order they want and add a description under each pick, and allow other users to like, comment, and possibly favorite them? Not sure if something like this would be difficult to add in, but I think it could be a fantastic addition to the community aspect of the site. I know at the least that I’ve been dying for something like this in here for a while.


This is something that I’ve probably promised for 3-4 years now. It’s definitely something that I want to add, but there’s a few other big items that are in front of it right now.


I will wait for this feature, as well as my friends


I signed up to the forum specifically to ask for this feature. I think it’ll be a great addition to the way we use this app. I for example, could use it for my music podcast and the sharing of the list as an addendum.


Can we please make this happen? I’d love to be able to make some lists!