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Users adding artists pictures

Is there any reason why users cannot add artists pictures when we add a new album to the site of a new artist? Or is there already a way and I’m just dumb?


I had considered allowing it in the past, but I’ve recently been threatened with copyright infringement over a couple artist pictures and I only imagine it would be worse if users were able to upload them.

So unfortunately it’s just me who’s going to have to find a pic for every artist…


How do other sites find a way around this kind of thing? Discogs, RYM, and MetalArchives are chock full of artist pictures, and I cant imagine they rely on staff to add everything manually. Maybe let users submit pictures for your approval, for the time being? That could streamline things if you just had a queue of stuff to approve. Also, adding a legal warning before users add artist images might defer some of the responsibility onto them


Not sure how active this is. I’ve noticed that “that weird giraffe kid” is still in need of a profile picture

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Need of profile picture:

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Hi! It would be great if you could add this artist´s profile pictures, since they are getting a lot of reviews on the site, and their albums are ranked as some of the best in the year they were released.

Hey @Rob , I think it would be prett neat if you could add a profile picture for these bands. I know copyright can be a pain for this, that’s why I attach a public domain pictures of the bands. Argentina (the country these two bands are from) has a copyright law which says all photographies become public domain after twenty years of their publication.


spinetta jade

Thank you very much.

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Hey @Rob , I don’t want to be annoying or anything, I know you must have a lot of work managing all this. But somehow this artist, KHEA has a profile picture (with only 4 total ratings) and none of the artists mentioned above have one (+400 combined and with really high scores).

replica x Aphex Twin
Mind adding this for “Shaffer The Darklord”?.

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it’ll be very nice if you can upload a photo here, thx xx

Can someone please upload this photo to the page of “Travis Shaw” he has put out a good crop of work and still has no photo on the profile. Thank you!

Hi @Rob! Could you please add this profile image for IDER? It’s my shot so no permissions required.


Delawness needs a profile pics, we are his label and we are granting permission to add a pic.

checking on this pls @Rob :slight_smile:

hi!! @Rob this is a bit of a late reply but i’ve been adding Honey Gentry’s discography to the site, so could you add a profile pic to her page? if possible ofc

Kindly add a photo of this artist too. Thank you in advance.

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Hey can you add this pic for C4Y?


Oh I was wondering about this lol… makes sense… yeah well, it sucks we can upload the photos but copyright it’s so important that oh well… c’est la vie !

Can Quadeca get a new pfp? Like dude was 15 when the picture being used was taken I think it’s in need of an update.
Something like this maybe?

Hello @Rob I Help Manage The Artist Acidgvrl & her music. I was wondering if this photo could be added to her Account to be used as a User/Profile photo? Thank you in advance.