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Users adding artists pictures

Is there any reason why users cannot add artists pictures when we add a new album to the site of a new artist? Or is there already a way and I’m just dumb?


I had considered allowing it in the past, but I’ve recently been threatened with copyright infringement over a couple artist pictures and I only imagine it would be worse if users were able to upload them.

So unfortunately it’s just me who’s going to have to find a pic for every artist…


How do other sites find a way around this kind of thing? Discogs, RYM, and MetalArchives are chock full of artist pictures, and I cant imagine they rely on staff to add everything manually. Maybe let users submit pictures for your approval, for the time being? That could streamline things if you just had a queue of stuff to approve. Also, adding a legal warning before users add artist images might defer some of the responsibility onto them

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