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Users (trolls?) giving ratings of 100 or 0 without reviews

I’ve noticed lately a lot of users (who seem new) giving ratings to various bands/musicians with either a 100 for what I assume they are fans of and complete 0s for bands they hate. Has this been happening? I remember in the community feed recently that one user gave everything by Beyonce a 0 while rating another artists straight 100s for their entire discography. I understand being a big fan of an artists but I feel like these users need to be blocked as they only seem to be skewing the scores in favor of their favorites without giving any sort of opinion or though as to why.

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Yeah, I’ve been noticing it’s been happening more frequently recently as well. Usually I’ll just make it so their score doesn’t count towards the overall score.

I’m not sure if I catch the all, so if you see any, just let me know here or via PM.

I think the RumYum/Yoz/bmu accounts should be looked into. Think someone is making multiple accounts to pump up the scores for shit like Rich Brian, Cupcakke, Rae Morris and Camilla Cabello and then dragging down the new MGMT (which is excellent). Which like, different strokes for different folks, but making multiple accounts to try and drastically alter the scores is kinda bs.

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There’s definitely a pattern between the three, but it’s more obvious between RumYum and Yoz so I removed those two and let them keep their original account.

Thanks for looking out, and let me know if you see any similar activity.

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This is happening again with the album ionnalee - Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten and cupcakKe - Euphorize. Don’t know why someone is taking the effort to do this.

3 accounts will have like 1 score to a new album and it is bad… but considering… the community is really nice for the most part

ionnalee: writes an album asking fans to not treat her as a goddess
stans: spam 100 ratings because “it’s a bop!!! scalped by this perfect kween!!”


look here

I’m going to resurrect this post, because it’s really intriguing that the latest Little Mix album has 7 users giving it 90-100. Seems fishy.