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Wanna become a donor but Stripe tells me my card number isn't valid but I know it is

Hi, Rob!
My Username on AOTY is URALFAN.
And I want to become a donor to this great site of yours.
But there is a catch, the Stripe tells me that my payment card number is not valid, but it is valid, i’m not visually disabled.
To my believe, it’s all connected with the fact, that I’m from Russia (Sorry for my English in advance) and my Bank is banned, sanctioned etc. on the Stripe (which is american) because of the US Gov. Policies against Russian Economy, I’m totally okay with that tho.
I’m not sure that it is the right reason of my card number being not valid, but it figures that way.
Is there some kinda way to do the donor thing with some different sort of payment platform (AliPay or anything else)?
Thanks in advance,