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We need to be able to report racism

We need an easy way to report racism (and other bigotry) on this site. There needs to be a straightforward channel users can go through to deal with that kind of stuff, cause no one wants to be coming to AOTY to discuss music and then be faced with racial or identity-based violence and have nowhere to turn to about it. And people who spew this harmful garbage need to be removed from the site. They shouldn’t get to be a part of the community. Right now I’m specifically talking about the user Horoshayapivica. They left an anti-asian racist comment in reply to someone else’s comment under the new Wolf Alice album. You can go check it out for yourself. I also have a picture of it is that would be helpful.


a report function for reviews in general would be cool


It’s coming sooner rather than later, apologies that it isn’t part of the site yet. I do appreciate you speaking up here, the user has been taken care of.

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