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What are the DO's and DONT's of reviewing a song?

I am a newbie music reviewer on Instagram and heavily inspired by Melon. I wanna ask y’all what do you think a review should be like in your opinion, as in what do you look for in a GOOD music review?


I think you have to manage your bias and expectations extremely well, it’s very easy to give an album you dislike by an artist you like a lower rating than it deserves because of initial disappointment. on the same vein, it’s very easy to give an album a higher ranking than it deserves due to personal, sentimental reasons.


A review is as much an analysis of yourself and your response as it is of the music. Understand that without ears and a mind to process it, music is just vibrating air.

  1. Try to get to the heart of what you do and don’t like about a piece of music, and why you feel that way
  2. Other people should be able to understand why you feel the way you do about the music, even if (and especially if) they feel differently
  3. Try to achieve 1) and 2) using as few words as possible