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What are your favorite critics?

I prefer users’ score sites but if there are some read-worthy critics I want to know what they are.

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I am a faithful follower of Pitchfork, they have excellent writers like Kevin Lozano and Andy Beta (experimental), Philip Sherburne (electronic), Zoe Camp and Andy O’connor (metal), Ian Cohen (rock) to name a few.

If you are a massive fan of electronic music you have websites like Resident Advisior, XLR8R, FACT, Mixmag, etc.

If you like folk/country music you have Paste or God is in the TV.

If you like Hip Hop you have HipHopDX, XXL, Complex and Dead End Hip Hop.

But do not read NME or Rolling Stone pls.

It is all I can tell you.

Thank you for letting me know some critics and their specialized genre. But I don’t like Pitchfork though I love indie music. To me, they seem to have all their interests in finding best score to gain most view.

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Spectrum Pulse and Deep Cuts are two of my favorites right now.

I’d say, look at these end of the year lists, and the publications which mirror your favorite picks are usually the sites you’ll find what you’re looking for. Sadly, I don’t think there are any read-worthy critics around anymore, hence the rise of sites such as AOTY baybee

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I am my favorite critic

She doesn’t really do formal reviews anymore but I really enjoy Lindsay Zoladz. One of the best writers at Pitchfork when she was there from like 2011-2014 (my timeline might be off) and wrote good stuff for Vulture as well. A few misfires she (her review of Gwen Stefani’s last album absolutely reads like she didn’t listen to it, and she gave M.I.A’s Matangi a 6.5 while at Pitchfork… sinful) but for the most part she’s great.

Her negative review of Jessie J’s Sweet Talker is… brutal. Like I feel like if I were Jessie J reading it I would want to quit music.

He writes for P4K but Grayson Harver Currin, I tend to share his opinions on a lot of metal/experimental releases and even when I don’t, I aways find his writing to be interesting and informative and less restrained by cultural relevance. He’s also a fan of Americana music and he wrote a piece on Lucinda William’s critically ignored/underrated album from 2014 album so he gets my vote for that.

Dedicated YouTuber so I love Needle Drop, he grew up in the same era of music that I did so I find his comparisons relevant and his word choice is almost poetic. His reviews are an art all on their own.