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What can we expect from AOTY in the future?

Hi everyone!

I’m quiet new to AOTY and was using RYM before switching over.

Since I like the UI and accessibility of AOTY I want to move completely to here and want to contribute a lot to this website. (I’m already a donator)
However, I’m really curious what we/I can expect from the website in the future!
I see that there are still a lot of problems/features lacking and (correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t see any admins or moderators other than the owner. I really see a lot of potential but there is still a lot of work to do.

Before I add a lot of suggestions here I first wanna hear from you @Rob How do you see all of this?
Can people apply for being a moderator or admin and what will be needed to become one? It will take a lot of pressure and work away from you and I think it will really let this website and community thrive more!

Ps. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, I’m just really interested to help (for free!) develop the website more and I think others might be as well!


I agree. Some helpful moderators could assist to do the correction and whatnot that would allow Rob more time to improve the site.


I dont think rob is hiring or anything, and by the looks of it that won’t be the case anytime soon. he takes great care of the site, dont get me wrong! but two heads are better than one, y’know

For everyone who likes to get more involved and active I highly recommend to join the official Discord server. It’s currently more active then this community website.

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I agree with this completely. It’d be nice to have mods and admins that can assist Rob with running the site and community requests.