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What is defined as spamming your own releases?

I saw in the guidelines to adding albums, you shouldn’t spam your own music. What is defined as spamming? Obviously I don’t plan to add my own singles - just maybe 1 project a year or so. Is that spamming?

Adding a project, even as a single, once in a while, doesn’t sounds like a problem to me. I think this rule would apply if someone was to add each and every song they’ve ever created in their life, as singles, with no cover and almost no informations.

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This isn’t a bad way to look at it.

It’s also to prevent people from thinking they’re going to make an album / song within the next 12 months, and adding it to the site and not following through with the album / song.

Or uploading something you made in 5 minutes to YouTube and thinking it deserves to be on the site.

Things like that.


I’d actually say 1. Is not releasing something you were going into, eg, false releases, and 2. is painful self-promo. i guess ive done the second but that was trolling, fuck. Dont do that stuff anyway