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What is the criteria for albums to appear in the "Best Albums of 2023" by user score page?

Caroline Polachek’s “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You: Everasking Edition” is a user must hear, has 891 user ratings and a score of 88, which would make it the best rated project of the year, yet its not appearing in the list.

This made me question what the critera is for a release to appear on the users list of a year or decade

Nobody’s yet replied that, this forum is abandoned? In my opinion, this album by Caroline does not make the list as it is a kind of deluxe version of the original album, in the same way that compilations and christmas albums are also not accepted, I just don’t know why they accept live albums, as most live albums are just compilations sung live and sometimes with a different production. On IMDb it is also like this, they have a Top 250 with films with the best general rating, but they do not accept documentaries or short films and they also until today do not create a specific Top for this two other category of films, the interesting thing is that they have a Top 250 series and they allow both miniseries and series and series and miniseries with the genres documentary, reality show, news, game show, talk show enter in the list, it’s difficult understand these strange criteria of this people.

I understand your point, it is exactly this what I am missing on the site. I don’t know of any way to find out on the site that christmas albums and compilations aren’t accepted, so it is logical that confusion arises.
I just think it would be neat to have the criteria for what an album has to be in order to get on one of those lists written out at the top of it.