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What should I do when two different artist have the same name?

hi, guys!

there’s a Brazilian rapper named Amiri which has kinda famous in Brazil and then there’s another rapper, this time an American one, that goes by the name Amiri, too. I wanna add the Brazilian Amiri’s discography to the site, but the “Amiri” page is already taken by the American rapper.

what should I do? I also don’t know how to add new artists, so if I need to know it to fix my problem, then I’d like to ask y’all for help in doing it, too.

this is one example of an album by the American Amiri:
this is the first Brazilian Amiri album to be added to AOTY:

thank you!

I had a similar problem with two artists named Darko. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t allow to add another artist with the same name, so I just wrote to @aoty on twitter sharing my problem and they added a new blank page for the second artist.