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What to do when corrections take too long to be reviewed?

a.k.a. “How can I become a moderator on this site?

Three months ago I made a suggestion to update the artwork for Pink Floyd’s Meddle. It has been left at “pending” ever since. I have many corrections across the site that have been left at “pending” for various lengths of time; for example, my suggestion to remove the alleged Ephixa single “Dubstep Killed Rock ‘n’ Roll” by virtue of simply not existing has been left at “pending” for three weeks now. I’m wondering if there’s any way to either a) signal attention to corrections without having to bother certain individuals like Rob on this forum about it each and every single time or b) become a trusted user with permissions to edit these pages?

Unfortunately, “bothering” me is the only way to accomplish this right now.

Shall I take this as permission to start a “Corrections Thread” of sorts? I cannot promise that it won’t be annoying after a while! Haha

Yeah, I have no problem with that. Just link the correction page in here, no need to explain it again.

But let’s try to keep this to corrections that are really bothering you for now.

hey can you help delete this? i wrote it on an account i no longer have access too

How’d you lose access?

forgot the password cant get back into the acc

@Rob can you help out? would really appreciate it