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Where is my Top 50?


New site design looks great but where are my own top 50 lists? That was one of my favorite features. Please tell me it is still here and where to find it.


It hadn’t been updated in a long time so it was left out of the update. You prefer it to viewing your highest rated like this?


Ah, yes that’s perfect. I was not navigating correctly but I’ve got it now. Thanks, Rob!


Hi Rob!

Is there any opportunity to show albums for specific year/decade in my Library section or Ratings section?

For example, in the end of the year I’d like to know, how many albums I’ve heard this year.

P.S. I am new on AOTY, thanks for the great website!


There is, your “best of 2018” shows all the music you’ve listened to that year.
When you’re in that window there are all the previous years right above it for you to scroll through