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Whimsical- "Sleep to Dream"

“Sleep to Dream” is one of many return albums this year that have increased the longevity of the recent shoegaze revival. Krissy Vanderwoude’s melodic voice entrances fans old and new alike, inspiring a new generation of shoegaze/dream pop fans. The album crosses a vast expanse of time, building a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. Krissy’s elesian voice is truly something not of this world, “ethereal” hardly does it justice. 2017 has been a year that has given birth to many “comeback” albums, names with such notoriety as Slowdive, Swervedriver and Ride. This release along with those mentioned above are a testimony that although many years have passed since their last release that these artists have in fact never truly left us. Vanderwoude croons so delicately and seamlessly that the sonic quality is something familiar while simultaneously feeling entirely unique. This album absolutely belongs in the conversation of pivotal shoegaze releases this year. Whimsical without question teaches us that although our eyes may be glued to the floor whilst playing the music we love, that in fact the outlook for the future will forever be gazing up for the next generation of shoegaze fans. -Jonathan Baker (North Carolina)

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Excellent review. I know Krissy appreciates your kind words, too. I think this has been a magnificent year for the genre-that-is-not-a-genre. I would add Secret Shine to the list of perennial artists that we enjoy. There are so many “new” bands around that it is hard to keep track but just to mention a few that impress me: Danxia, Shelling, Blankenberge, See Through Dresses, Fazerdaze, DEAFCULT, and A Thousand Years. Thanks also to DKFM for making it all readily available.

I am thrilled at the return of Whimsical and their record is fantastic. Here is hoping for a longer stay this time around.