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Why Can't I log in just using my username


Why do I have to try and remember my Facebook password everytime I try to log in? I do NOT use Facebook very often and as such they think I am a spambot or whatever. why can’t I just use my email address instead of being forced to remember a name and password for gmail (which I dont use Either) and isn’t saved on every device I’m likely to use. It’s very frustratin when I come back on here after a month or so and have to go through loads of verifications just to respond to someone or rate an album. Much easier if you lets me sign in with whatever email I choose.


The simple answer is that it would require a lot for me to learn, and I don’t feel comfortable storing user passwords in this day and age of website hacks.

And wouldn’t it lead to same predicament of you having to remember your password for this site?


Omg this! I love the site but it’s really tragic for me to log in via google/facebook cause some evil countries block all these sites (even rateyourmusic, I mean!). It would really be a lot easier to rate and enjoy our music if email/usename is available…