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Why did the shelf life of major music acts become so long lasting..

from the Jonas Bros coming back big this past week to Taylor , both Justin’s , Beyonce , Gaga , Jay-Z , Backstreet , Aldean , Bruno , etc - (i could name hundreds)

it seems if you are on the more pop/r&b/rap/country side of music , your shelf life
can last a long time , there are many acts that are a big deal , even after 10-15-20 yrs or so

were as , on the rock side of thing , the shelf life has become short for the most …besides Foo F , and a couple of others , not many Rock acts have careers were they are still a big deal 5 yrs later ( much less 10-15-20 yrs later)

I thought about something simular to this the other day. I think a part of it has to do with a certain age gap. Aka the people around my age so 15-21? Most of the acts you mentioned are what many people grew up with. Myself included. Not to mention a handful of them have been relatively consistent through the years too. Foo Fighters has had similar lasting power, but I don’t know anyone that grew up with them or rock in general. Rock just isn’t as appealing as it used to be. Whether some of these acts are making comebacks for the money or for the music is up for debate, but they’re here nonetheless. I think (on a similar note) thats why something like Minecraft is making a comeback. Nostalgia has a lot of power and since we’re going to high school, college and even starting families we might be having a slice of the good ol times.


i think this goes back to the whole false notion that “rock is dead”. which, no. rock isnt dead. but rockism is dying for sure, which is actually making rock so much better right now

most of the reasoning of why “rock is dead” is that rock isnt mainstream and as obscenely profitable anymore, and isnt as affecting mainstream culture as much anymore, which is objectively true (hip hop has very much taken its place as the default american metagenre). but saying that this means that rock has “died” is absurd as saying jazz “died” shortly after “kind of blue” because it stopped being as safe for most white corporate american ears (coughcoughkenburnscough).

rock has only gotten better i think since it “died” imo (which i consider to be about 2008 with the final gasps of the boring garage rock revivalists and post-grunge lunkheads, but its p telling that no one still has come to a consensus on when exactly it “died”). car seat headrest, downtown boys, g.l.o.s.s., issues, vein, black midi, against me, chai. all amazing rock bands founded around or after the Death Of Rock, brashly experimented with accepted forms of the metagenre, introduced more racial and gender and sexual diversity into the scene(s), and still wont be accepted by conservative dadrock establishment because its not led zeppelin.

actually led zeppelin is a good reminder of a big sign of how dead rockism rlly is: the absolute failure of greta van fleet. after years of bitching about “the goddamn trustfund millennial zoomers” ruining rock music cuz it doesnt sound like these white brits aping the art of black american electric blues for white boomer profit, the dadrock establishment (ie non-queer white male conservatives hanging out in country clubs built on indigenous gravesites) did a deal with their supposed devil in basically genetically cloning led zep in the form of four “goddamn trustfund millennial zoomers” (who they were ok with because they werent queer and they were white and male and rich and raised by rich dadrock dads and are ok with all of this) and heavly forcing promotion of them and their aping of white brits aping black american electric blues thru the same hypercapitalist streaming and social media infrastructures they claim to hate. and the best part is, and this absolutely warms my heart to say this, no one fucking fell for this bullshit! everyone seems to know that gvf arent trying to “revive” rock, they desperately want to make sure its “dead”, and thankfully, everyone damn well knows its more alive then ever. maybe not in population but surely in progression and passion

sorry if i come off ranty, i just have a lot of thoughts on this. and to end this by tying up with ur original point @NicoleJS, paul mccartney, the stones, aerosmith, gnr, foo fighters, etc. all will be famous and making a shit ton of $ long after they die. dont feel bad for them at all. focus ur energy on helping the new generation grow and sustain so rock truely never dies :+1::revolving_hearts:

ok imma just add this right here to reenforce my point, in the wake of like the 25th kiss “farewell tour” and gene simmons “get off my lawn” press run: “Vain frontman Davy Vain recalls getting ‘rock is dead’ call from Gene Simmons when grunge taking off”

And then it hit me, I was a kid listening to KISS and I go, ‘It’s fucking Gene Simmons of KISS and he’s fucking calling me.’ ‘What’s up man! What’s going on?’ I’m telling you, he was already in this bit in ’93 that ‘We are all fucked. Rock is fucked up right now. I was going to check your band out but you guys look too fit and you don’t wear your grandfather’s sweater and shit.’ And he’s like, ‘You can’t look like you had sex if you want to make it right now. You got to look like you were just a fucking high school loser [laughs].’

take this, with all u probs already know about gene simmons, as u will.