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Why do people keep adding singles that were never singles?

There are so many singles on the site that were only ever released on their respective albums. A feature was even added to combat this, so why do people continue to do this?

Some people just do it because they like rating songs.

I feel like there’s a strong confusion amongst general users as to what counts as a “single.”
Some people just think singles are simply any song on its own, but don’t realize that it actually refers to a song that was released separately from an album as a standalone item. Therefore, I think a lot of people just do that because they don’t really recognize the difference.


Why not use the rate song feature on the album? This is mainly just happening on big artists’ pages

How do you add singles? I have two things (Jordi’s “Hate You” and Mackenzie Carpenter’s “Don’t Mess With Exes” EP) that I’ve wanted to rate.
Sorry if it doesn’t pertain to the original conversation, but I feel like it’s a good time to ask.

Same way you’d add an album, just select Single instead of Album on the drop down menu when adding it.

Exactly, I’ve tried requesting mods deleting songs that weren’t released as singles but they’ve kept most up for being “radio singles”

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