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Why it's so broken?

I just submitted album to your database. I’m volunteer, literally doing your job for free (and it’s fine).
But why can’t i edit info i just sent? And why i see 0000 year instead of 2008 (i did everything right)?
And how i can add tracklist? Or i can’t do it for some reasons? Awful experience, to be honest. I already added two albums and prolly not gonna do this ever again.

The site was never intended to be a Wikipedia clone where all users are able to edit content at will.

How did you enter the album date? If you entered 2008-00-00, it would have come through as 2008.

Allowing tracklist submissions in the current state would only create more errors that need to be fixed whenever free time would allow.

need more mods, one person’s free time isn’t enough to run a whole website like this