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Why was a page I submitted deleted? Have I gained a strike or something?


Firstly, I want to say this is my first time trying out this Forum setup, so I apologize if I’m using this wrong; I did have a question I wanted to ask.

Recently, I submitted the page “Gangsta’s Paradise (Sped Up)” as a single page for AOTY. I saw this song when browsing my New Releases page on YouTube Music and found a version uploaded by the artist’s official page (Coolio).

Here is the link to the song on Youtube Music: YouTube Music
Here is the uploaded video straight on youtube by Coolio’s youtube page: Gangsta's Paradise (Sped Up) - YouTube

Seeing as how there are other pages about Sped Up/Slowed Down versions of songs in AOTY, I assumed it should be fine to submit to the website. However, I saw it got deleted sometime today, and I’m not sure exactly why.

I’m also unsure if this means I have a warning and if this is considered a false submission. I wasn’t notified, so I’m uncertain if I’ve done something incorrectly.

I would like clarification on why it was deleted and if something comes as a result or if I need to contact someone else about this.

Thank You