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I’m getting to the point where I workout enough that playing stuff from my recently played isn’t gonna cut it and I should make a playlist of a bunch of tracks I can shuffle through. My problem is that I tend to get “amnesia” whenever I try to think of artists for a certain purpose so I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. I’m looking for some post-hardcore/punk/etc. stuff, you know, people yelling at me with some energetic instrumentals and some melody (Touche Amore is a good “base” artist for the sounds I’m looking for, if that makes sense).

Thanks for reading!

Mines a mix of Industrial music like Yeezus, Death Grips and Nine Inch Nails but got a few punk/post-hardcore/noise sprinkled in.

Converge - Concubine
Big Black - Kerosene
Mclusky - Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues
Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
NoMeansNo - Brainless Wonder
Husker Du - Pride
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown EP
Glassjaw - Tip Your Bartender
Minutemen - Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
Agent Orange - Bloodstains
White Stripes - Fell In Love With a Girl (Not punk but noisy as hell)


Damn, really solid list. I appreciate it, definitely gonna add most of these to my list. Thanks!

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Great song for meathead training, really makes you wanna put Mario in a chokehold with your newly developed biceps.