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You MUST listen to the album below you

The first music site I ever used ( this exact game in their forums and I got to thinking about it the other day and I figured I’d try to bring it here and see where it goes.

-Not for the faint of heart. You MUST at some point listen to the album directly below you and share your opinions on the record/EP before you can suggest a record to the person directly above you.

-If you’re new you get a free album to share to enter into this madness

-You can only suggest one record at a time

-If you have already listened to the suggested record you can relisten or ask for a new suggestion

-Cheat and you have the big nay nay

Alrighty then I’m first! Whatcha got for me?

Chris Brown - Heartbreak on a Full Moon

RIP thread.

Oh boy. I actually sat through this at work…all 45 tracks…oh my God this was so samey. I tried to put aside his controversy but he’s such a dick through this bad record it’s hard to enjoy at all. I couldn’t tell one track from another. There is literally a track called “Juicy Booty” are you serious?! (I ain’t gonna let the thread die like that)

Whoever is next…how about this?

So impressed you got through the whoole album :innocent:

The album struck me as french country music, mostly due to the instrumentation. “Je suis d’accord (Twist)” being the best example of this to me. “Le temps de l’amour (Fox Medium)” was my favourite, the groove is something I’d imagine the arctic monkeys would use.

@endianness show us what you got ^^. or anyone really! this is a lovely idea.

ALSO was I meant to listen to this record or wait for someone else to put a record in? :relaxed:

I think you’re supposed to listen to the album above you and leave your own. Anyway, here is some weeb shit that is in need of more listens.