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Hi, I’ve started saving my albums, then it took me a while to find the list of them, only to see a messy page with albums (yes, saved by still random). It looks more like a bin than a library.

It would be great to be able to sort them, a similar way to Best Albums page, especially by Critic score, but filtering by year/genre would be nice too.

Is there any chance to implement it? I think such further personalization would add a lot to the site.

I agree that it needs a lot of work, and it’s in the future plans.

Back when it was still a “spin list”, the intent was for it to be used as a place to store albums you wanted to check out in the future. In that case, it didn’t need any real filtering options. Now that it’s being used as a library of albums I can see these possibilities:

  • Sorting by user score, critic score, your score
  • Displaying only unreleased albums
  • Filtering by genre and year
  • Displaying albums you have not yet rated

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see beyond these.

+1 for Displaying only unreleased albums and Albums not yet rated. I still use it as a spin list. :smile:

Hey, was wondering if this was still in the plans. Personally, I still use it as a spin list and it would just be great to be able to sort by release date.

This is still in the plans. I’ll try to get back to the site updates soon.

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Yes! This!

It would be a great little feature. Sometimes, for example, I’d want to listen to an album from the 70’s so I’d go to my library to see what I have. Would be great if I could sort by year to pick out an album!

Love the site guys.

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I’ve updated this with some filtering options with more coming in the future. Let me know if anything isn’t working, or if you have any other ideas you’d like to see incorporated.

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awesome! thanks man

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Hello Rob! I think it would be nice to sort them by artist to (alphabetical order).