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Abusing this feature

When I went to suggest a genre or to upvote and downvote another genre, it refused to let me, saying I was abusing that feature and my suggestions will no longer be considered. I pay for this site, I have always taken all of my submissions and suggestions seriously, so I do not know why I am barred from this specific aspect of the site, especially when something that I believe to be a different genre than it actually is will go unseen because of a reason that hasn’t been made clear to me. I would like to be able to suggest genres, and if I can’t do that I’d at least like to know why thank you very much!


Same thing happened to me. Hopefully this was just some kind of mistake that happened recently and will be fixed soon. But AOTY really doesn’t make it clear what triggered it but just tells you that you can no longer suggest genres. I’ll contact them through their email soon if no one here knows what’s going on.

Yes, I got into the same situation. I hope it will be fixed or explained soon

same, only reason I can think of that I could be banned from it is maybe downvoting too many suggestions? But some people make some WILD genre claims on this site so idk.

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Exactly, like I downvote a lot of suggestions because people calling Let’s Start Here “yacht rock” or Ghost “progressive metal” is ridiculous and I think people take pretentious subgenres too far.


Let me know your usernames on the site and I’ll let you know which submission prompted this in each instance.

In most cases, permissions were revoked awhile ago, but I’ve made it more transparent a couple days ago. Previously your name just wouldn’t show up in the list of voters if your votes didn’t count.

name on site is wifehaver. I feel like ik which suggestion caused it but I still think its valid

name and pfp’s the same as on here, TwistyFresh

My name on the site is the same here, HenryThe12. I am pretty sure that my submission for “Shoegaze” as a genre for Playboi Carti’s Die Lit got me the sack, but that was my only instance of even a remotely humorous contribution. I’ve added plenty of albums, cover arts and tracklists in the past and would love to have my privileges reinstated. I thought it was just good fun in the moment because over thirty people had upvoted it, but I’ll be sure not to do it again.

Name on the site is LZGray. I’ve noticed before that my name and votes wouldn’t count, and there was never an explicit reason why, I can’t even think of an instance in which I’ve even made a humorous suggestion, no matter how much I’ve wanted to.

It was Atmospheric Black Metal on B Dizzle - No More Half Measures.

Neoclassical Darkwave to Burger King - You Rule. Jingles

That was it. Looks like it’s been removed so I’ve added your permissions back.

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It was Yacht Rock for Lil Yachty - Let’s Start Here.

Thanks so much, Rob! I really appreciate it.

wait so 1 infraction gets a permanent ban from it?

and tbf I completely forgot I did that as a big hehe haha after Brad’s vid

What did I say? I’m just wandering. If I said something bad in the abuse filter, rightfully so I should stay banned from it.


If you’re ok with me removing that suggestion, I can re-enable your access to the feature. It would take a couple of infractions for it to be permanent.

Brutal Death Metal & Death Metal on Emily Montes’s self-titled album.