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Additional Artists for an Album

I pushed an update that helps with this problem. Let me know if there’s any other artists that could benefit from this.

And user scores are back on discography pages.


Here’s another split EP

This is kinda both problems in one. A split with their own alias. Should probably show up on the BEAK> page at least… FWIW, Spotify gives them separate artist entries.

Also, the Parallelogram series on Three Lobed Recordings

the parallelogram collection consists of the following five albums:

-hiss golden messenger / michael chapman (TLR-109)
-six organs of admittance / william tyler (TLR-110)
-kurt vile / steve gunn (TLR-111)
-thurston moore & john moloney: caught on tape / [alan] bishop – orcutt - corsano trio (TLR-112)
-bardo pond / yo la tengo (TLR-113)

EDIT: I think only the Kurt Vile / Steve Gunn EP is added though…

Splitting these to a new topic so any RYM / AOTY discussion can continue in the other thread.

Sounds good. Here’s another artist alias:

This is Phoenix releasing their Ti Amo Diaries demos under a different name.

What do you think about all of the IDM/electronic/DJ artists that release under various names, often different ones for different labels? Aphex Twin, Mike Paradinas, etc. It might be nice to be able to see them all in one place too, but then I think you might want to add a filter of some sort so that a user can include or exclude them as wanted.

Or are you focusing right now on cases like Prince where there is more a sense of continuity even though the artist name changes?