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Hey Guys,

The AOTY responsive design is about 90% complete now with only a few sections left to be converted.

I thought now would be a good time to invite you all to test out the new design and give your feedback. Hopefully there’s no major work that needs to be fixed, but feel free to leave an comments on what you like or don’t like or what needs to be fixed.

Here’s how to access it:
Login: aoty
Pass: aotytest

Please try it on as many devices as you can as it should be a fluid experience no matter the screen size.

Note: Google login won’t work on the beta site, but will function as normal once live.


Really clean look to the site that I dig a lot. Everything stands out apart from one another, which makes the site even easier to traverse. Dunno if it’s possible, but could you include a random album generator? I guess we could just use rng to determine a decade, then a year, then a listing number on best user score list or something, but I think it’d be cool to have it on the site. Really cool look to this though that I’m liken a lot!

Thanks. You’re not the only one looking for a random album feature:

These additional features will be worked once the redesign goes live. The main focus for this discussion is any current features that are missing, or if the redesign makes anything worse than it was before.


I didn’t notice anything off the get go, but I’ll keep lookin around on it to see if I can find anything. So far, everything is just cleaner and easier to see.

Really like the new look, 100/10

Some things I noticed, the numbers are missing for the scores of the best albums
The Log-In button isn’t highlighted.
And the publications heading of “Best Albums of 2017” maybe should be “Critic’s Best Albums of 2017 List” or something. The grid used for the publication logos is a bit off too (maybe make them small squares with the logos and when you click on it it takes you to that logos list, I don’t know)

Otherwise amazing, cant wait for it to go live :smiley:

Could you post a screenshot of this or share more details?

Sorry about that:

Oh yes. The front page was done over a year ago now so I can’t really remember why I decided to do it that way. I’ll do some digging on that.

good job rob! great design

Entering user tag url manually:

Icons stretched out.

Is “hgf” a tag you have created? You may need the trailing slash. I’ll look into functionality to add the trailing slash if one isn’t added.

Nah, just typed some junk to see what happens.

Yeah, normally there would be a custom 404 error page. That’s something that needs to be added, thanks for reminding me.

Those pages haven’t been converted yet.

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Found this when I tried looking at the table view.

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no original thought, but yes! Beta looks like money

Very good job Rob!
The site will be pretty! :slight_smile:

Please, check this:

And another little thing:


I can not upload covers.

I can not find the ‘Add Album’ link.

Which browser are you having the tag input show up like that?