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That’s the only way right now. Any suggestions on how to make it easier?

My eyes are usually drawn to the ratings area so maybe something similar to the old layout except instead of linking to reviews link to ratings.



Clicking the “428 ratings” text will take you the user ratings list once the new design goes live.


Big Issue,
When you try to remove/edit your score or review on an album, it doesn’t work.
Just go to any album put up a score and try to remove it.
Doesn’t work unless I’m missing a key step.

The “Newsworthy” and the “Around the Web” sections are the exact same,
So maybe replace one of them.


same problem


Misaligned links with smaller viewports:


Hey, is there any way to access this page on the new site, it used to be my bookmarked link but now it looks like this when I open it.

Really liking the new design aside from this problem tho!


I believe this was a caching issue with the JavaScript file. It should be working as intended now.


When viewing someones discography. when I sort by my score, my score doesnt show up




Found on Best Albums page when sorting critic scores by All Time.


can you create “view table” link in best album


can you fix it?