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Dark Mode Test

If anyone is interested in testing dark mode for the main site, let me know your username here. It’s almost ready, but a few areas still need some polish. Any feedback you can provide would be great.


Would be happy to give this a go :smiley:

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I use dark mode on all sites. I would like to test it too. (ereezi)

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me! i love dark mode… my user is aristocat

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Would you please give me access to dark mode? Thanks! (SirTristan)

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Some quick feedback: dark mode is great, generally. A few spaces are unreadable bc the light colour still appears behind white writing (i.e. names of already existing albums by an artist when you’re adding a new one; the file-name box when you upload cover art). The green text that comes up when you’ve successfully submitted a track-listing is also quite hard to read. Hope this helps.


it’s perfect for a demo! it’s very beautiful. but i experienced the same issues as @QueenOfDenmark. but generally it’s perfect! thank you <3

Hi Rob,

If you need more testing, I’d be happy to help.

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Yeah, I’m interested! :slight_smile: It’s Tilathiel, just like here.

Orangedroog65 set me up!!!

Can I revert to ‘light’ for the time being? Happy to switch back as and when further demo’ing needs doing :slight_smile:

I’d be up for it! My main site name is Jamobo

would love to help and be a part of this. my name on the main site is cummerbummer

username: aaron

Everything looks great except this area, the white lines need to be changed to grey or something :+1:
And the letters for follow should be a different colour.

Would love to test it mate.

User: GalaxyStrider

I’m adding pics so it will be much easier to understand what I mean. Also, wherever it was possible, I added my suggestions on these screenshots.

  • Search bar is kinda off, it has these white pixels around it. pic

  • I think colors for ratings should be darker, so it fits better to the color scheme.

  • “Become a Donor” button should be darker. pic

  • Tags and buttons should be darker. pic

  • I think the buttons on the bottom should be darker. pic

  • Line under shoutbox is too bright. pic

  • The very bottom should be darker. pic

  • When it comes to list page, albums added have that bright background. Also, text on this page is the same color as the background, making it unreadable. pic

  • When commenting settings are shown, the background is definitely too bright, and the text without linking is light-colored, making it hard to read. pic

  • In followers/following/blocked list, the separating lines are too bright. Basically the same situation as above.

  • Notifications, recent activity and “who to follow” have these separating lines too bright. Buttons are off, too. pic

  • “Recent review comments” list on user profiles has dark text, and the bottom lines are too bright. pic

  • “Recent album discussion” list on user profiles has partially dark text. pic

  • In settings, “about you” typing text is black. pic

  • “Donors only” in settings has too dark text. pic

  • Donate page has bright boxes. pic

  • Critic reviews in their scores have too light background. pic

  • “No photo” and placeholder for album cover is too bright. pic

  • When I want to add a release, the box’s border and “currently added albums” table is bright. pic

  • When adding track list, I think examples are too dark. pic

  • In user profiles, when I hover over links in “recent reviews”, they are gray for artist name and black for album title.

Oh, and it’s not about the main site, but the forum: I use dark mode here, too, and for some reason two logos are being displayed! pic


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the test mode. Nice work. I really like it.

Please check it:

Catched another four!

  • File select box is bright. pic
  • After adding a track list, the “track list successfully added” box has bright text and the green background is kinda too bright, basically the same situation as with commenting settings. pic
  • “Thank you for your submission” text is too dark. pic
  • There’s that random white line under critic reviews, but only when there’s no critic review added. pic
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Would love to test Dark Mode. U: eastbaldboy