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David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

put 9/10 pop matters review , but I talk with pop matters and they said that this review :

is 40 anniversary edition

Can you delete this review?

Best way to fix errors?
Error: Wrong Release Date

I’m going to keep that review since it’s titled as a review of the original work. That has been the standard I’ve been using as you’ve gone through old albums looking for incorrect versions.


in this review

underradar put 8/10 but is reissue edition

can you delete ?


Same answer as before for this one.


84/86 ???

put 86/86


Artist scores don’t include the bump the # of reviews add to an album score. Whether this is the correct way to handle that could be up for debate.


HOMESHAKE’s new album “Fresh Air” is being released Feb 3, 2017, not 2016 as is listed on the site




should be a compilation


accidentally used the old scale for NME. Should be a 7/10


messed up the name. should be Break Broke


Hello Rob

see this

[Note: Click here for an overview of the 2009 Beatles reissues, including discussion of the packaging and sound quality.]

Rating 9.5 is a reissue edition becasue make referencia a packaging and sound quality (see note)

Please delete all pitchfork beatles reviews


album name should be “Stay Black”


year should be 2001, not 2011


What do you think Rob?


I think they are scoring the original albums. They would have put [Remastered] behind the title if they were scoring the remastered releases.


The guardian’s review on might be a 4/5 instead of a 3/5.

The website shows the rating as “#42;***” which would have shown up as “****” with an extra ampersand at the beginning


I messed up the release date. It should be nov 7 2006


already exists here


NME review (1/10) is a remastered edition with bonus track

"The 1999 ‘Yellow Submarine’, remastered and beefed up to include all of the songs featured in the film at the expense of George Martin’s soundtrack music, is effectively a compilation of psychedelic-era Beatles tunes you’ve already "