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Messed up the title. I’ll make another entry for the real album so you can delete this one


Yes , but de CEO and administration of Popmatters “Sarah Zupko” said anniversary edition

Your opinion is the truth


There is an error under the artist nujabes, There is a soundtrack listed called samurai champloo: departure, it’s not a nujabes project it is a various artists compilation


I changed the artist to Nujabes / Fat Jon.


There’s a score bump for getting a certain number of reviews?


I made a mistake with the NME review. It should be 6 instead of a 3


gigsoup should be 40

God is in the TV should be 8


Hey rob, the mixtape So Far Gone under Drake is actually an ep released in 2008. The actual mixtape was released in 09 has a black cover and double the more tracks. Plz fix


And can you allow users to fix the date for an album when the date is 0000. Also why arent any albums we input show up on our best list


The Death of Pablo by the pablo collective doesnt have a releases date. plz fix


Those are looking for 2017-01-01 through 2017-12-31. I’ll have to update it to include the albums that are marked 2017-00-00, but if the day and month of a release is documented you should really included it when submitting an album.


I think a better option would to not allow an album to be submitted as 0000-00-00. I’ll work on an update for that soon.




The 405 gave Syd’s Fin an 8/10, not 7/10:


I put LP instead of Single by mistake


Bruce Springsteen - The River

In original review Rolling Stone don’t put rating

in 2002 RS put 4/5

but 2009 and now (last revision)

don’t put rating

I think that 2002 put by error 4/5 , but now solve the problem put nothing

Can you delete RS review ?


STRFKR’s new release should probably be listed as a compilation rather than an LP


Meant to make it a DJ mix, not a single


Wrong artists


should be a compilation