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You can just delete this one altogether


No change critic score 70


Is a complication

Tracks no release by 2005 album

Isn’t LP


don’t put 70


The real name is Gal


dj mix


should be by henry jackman instead of VA


should be a dj mix


accidentally made a duplicate of

can be deleted


band name is actually “Die! Die! Die!” but I wasn’t able to submit it as such


The artist already existed here:

I think I removed the dupes, let me know if there’s any mistakes.


meant to write “The Hive”


2001, 2008 was a reissue, whoops


now 63/100


Belongs in reissue tab


I guess this is the official “error fixing” thread?

anyways this has been sort of bugging me for a bit, someone accidentally added in a duplicate release for this artist -

the correct version is the one with EP in the title -

thanks again, rob!


The Guardians rating should be a 4/5, not a 5/5


some more errors to be fixed:

Originally slated to be released back in January, Imaginations now has a new release date of May 26, 2017


Originally to be released in January, now has been confirmed for March 27, 2017. Here is also the correct artwork to be used -



A jazz album called "Everybody digs bill evans has the wrong release date. It says 1968 but it came out 1958.


I accidentally added this album incorrectly. I’ve readded it with the correct title but this one can be deleted: