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All Fat Jon albums have the wrong release year


Mistake. posted this as LP. Please Delete


Wrong years.


my mistake. Should be a dj mix, not mixtape.


Yet again, wrong years

James Fauntleroy


Wong years for 2 listed


Any source info for ?


More wrong years


Another one


Another one


I made a mistake
Should be an album by Shawn Kemp


not a real mixtape.


Wrong year



Some mistakes on Sun Araw’s page -

I accidentally added in a duplicate of the EP, Off Duty. This entry ( should stay though with a bit of info that should be fixed - release date should be October 5th, 2010 and label should be Woodsist.


This ( should probably be listed as a compilation instead of a regular album since it does compile two EP’s.


Goofed up this one as well. month and day are both right, but the year should be 2017.


This is not a LP, this is a live album so it should be fixed.

And this is not a LP, this is an EP so it should be fixed too. Thanks


accidentally made a duplicate of

can be deleted


This one should be a live album


wrong artist name it should be like