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Don’t know what’s going on with AllMusic, but score for Feist’s new album “Pleasure” has now been switched back to 4.5/5. Can their score be changed?


Wrong average critic rating. (80 + 20)/2 ≠ 40.


looks like there is already a review from LOBF entered for the upcoming Beach Fossils album, even though the album hasn’t been reviewed by anybody yet


I think these two are sorted now. Let me know if you spot any mistakes.


release date should be 1983

release date should be 1986


needs year


I typed the name of the artist wrong and now there are two pages for the same album and the same artist. So can you delete this please?
Artist’s name should be Woody Guthrie not Woodie Guthrie. The correct one doesn’t have a release date, it would be nice if you add it.


is a duplicate of


needs a year

this artist needs years on his albums


needs a year


toe the rock band and toe the instrumentalist need to be separated





artist needs years

artist needs years


made accidents. Instrumental Tapes not LPs


accident not an instrumental album


nobody entered the date when they put in the mink mussel creek album. i think the release date should be May 16, 2014