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not an LP, its an EP


These albums don’t have their release dates. It’d be so nice if you can fix them.

Release date should be July 1968.

Release date should be June 20, 1969.

Release date should be July 10, 1972. Also this album’s name is wrong. It’s not “Fox Lady”, it’s “Foxy Lady”.

This is a reissue album of “Descendants of Smith”. Format is wrong.


Okay, I don’t know who keeps putting all these incorrect scores for Earth albums, but it needs to stop…

First of all, the “90” from the Allmusic publication for Earth’s “Earth 2” shouldn’t be a 90, it should be a 100 (perfect score) as shown on the Allmusic website.
AOTY link:

Allmusic link:

Secondly, Earth’s “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II” shouldn’t have a “90” from Allmusic. The correct score is an 80. Once again, someone screws up the Allmusic review. I guess he/she doesn’t know the difference between a critic score, and user rating because that’s what the person seems to be using…

AOTY link:

Allmusic link:

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t bother taking a look at the rest of the publications or other Earth albums to confirm their accuracy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these people screwed up other ones, too. All I ask is that these be fixed. I would have done it myself if there were a way to, but unfortunately it’s out of my power. Counting on you to hopefully make a difference.


AllMusic often changes their ratings years after an album is released so these numbers were not incorrect at the time they were entered. Thanks for pointing out the change, these have now been updated.


Thanks a ton. I’m glad you’ve actually pointed that out, I remember seeing review scores on Allmusic change before, like with Asphyx’s album “The Rack.” Went from a perfect score, to 3 stars. The same goes for another one of their albums, and others I’ve seen, but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if my brain was just making things up, or if that’s exactly what happened. Thanks for clearing things up for me.


I just wanted to ask Rob, are you the only one who curates the website?


Cody ChesnuTT - My Love Divine Degree

Correct release date:
June 2, 2017 (instead of 2016)


Should be a compilation album

Should be an EP

Should be a compilation I think
Already exists, should be deleted


I think you glossed over my change requests…


all review the beatles paste’s magazine link was reissue 2009

“On Sept. 9, Capitol will reissue the band’s nine albums, four
soundtracks and Past Masters compilation of non-album songs (perfectly
timed to coincide with the much-hyped release of The Beatles: Rock Band
video game).”

delete all review paste magazine in the beatles


I’ve fallen behind on this thread. I’ll work my way through them now. Let me know if any are missed.


Yes, which is why things aren’t always updated as quickly as they could be. I appreciate all of the help in finding errors though.

not a real album


These two, they should be compilation albums


Onlyou is not a compilation. it’s a very limited cassette release by them with all new material to warrant a studio album


Yeah, both of those are listed as albums on both Discogs and RYM.


Its a mixtape, not an LP


The release number for the label (ded004) shouldn’t be in the album’s title

Should be listed as an EP -


needs years


accidentally put it in as an LP instead of a DJ Mix