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That explains why it went untouched for so long then. To go from two self titles to III is confusing though. (Until you look at the date)


GIITV delete this review

please delete this review


There is an archive of that review:


Yes, but if GIITv has decided to delete it, it is because they have been wrong in the review.

This has happened in Popmatters and in old P4K reviews.


Has AOTY removed reviews because the website has deleted them?


Only in lost archives

But no in this case


Is a repeat



Except the original is entered in completely wrong


Then you should have posted an error review. Instead of being a passive aggressive douche


Sorry, didnt mean to come off passive aggressive in that comment.

I’m not sure if i added in the album before user corrections were even added to the site, but even then, i was unable to find the original one at all to even correct it


dont apologize to shaz


grow up




If you can find one post of me exhibiting child-like behavior, I will be happy to indulge you.


"Buckley is such as cuck. Get that trash ass niggas name off this site"
Among many other responses, this is one on my own review.

"Don’t listen to exception. This album is very good. Exception is too pretentious to enjoy anything thats not obscure or underground."

You have quite the past as well.


Nothing childish about the first 2 posts, many people agreed with me. And you dont have any proof of me being shaz. So please try again, son.


I forget where, but you did admit it, aside from it being obvious. Cya
Oh, and “many people agreed with me” does not excuse childish behavior, it just makes you look more childish.


Stop crying please. And stop making up lies. You spent a while putting that together. For nothing. Shame


It’s okay Shaz, he’s just as guilty. Then again, it was well deserved.

This was a bit much though

Found it.

-Acts like Shaz
"ay shaz how are you doing"
“Ay pouls, I’m doing fine, I’m actually down with a cold. Send all the love tho. And don’t worry yall, I’m only gonna fuck with jpaps from now on. I’m not gonna go after yall.”


I win. I got you to waste your time.

R.I.P Chimecha

Now please say something predictable or waste your time even more