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Primary issue of the album shows that it should be titled Hassan with the vinyl centre artwork, released October 2012, released under the label, L.I.E.S. -,

Originally released May 17, 2013 as a 6-track EP on Italians Do It Better. 2016 reissues only then included bonus tracks. Also get ridda that ‘LP’ from its name. -

Should be listed as an EP and only titled “Subtemple” as Mr. Burial the Man himself states -

Completely goofed up this dude’s name!! -

Switch around the namearoo’s -

thank you for your time


Accidentally set this as an LP when it’s a single


On the mobile version, Albums with only years attached, no days or months, are not displayed on your best albums

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released in November 1975


Used the wrong review. Should be a 4.5/5


DJ Mix


Both albums missing year and label info. Camouflage was released in 2003 on Backwoodz and The Chalice was 2004 on Backwoodz -


Please update rating that Rolling Stone album guide Pixie’s two albums:

-Surfer Rosa 5/5
-Trompe le Monde 4/5


I have finally finished the built in correction system for the site. Look for the link in the details section of an album page like this:

I still have some corrections from this thread to finish up, but please use this new system going forward.

Also, if you have any ideas for improvements to this new system, just let me know. Thanks for the patience!


If a band shares the same name, how would I go about putting in their separate discog?


Just put something in brackets after the name and I’ll remove it. I’m afraid that allowing duplicate artist names will open the floodgates for duplicates like it has for albums.


The album’s name is La Síntesis O’Konor, not La Síntesis O’Konnor.


should be a dj mix


Should be DJ mix



Aphex Twin’s new London album is under LP’s when it should be under “Live”


Crystal Castles II is named Crystal Castles


Their first two albums were both self-titled. Some websites referred to the album as “Crystal Castles II” to avoid confusion, but the title used on AOTY is technically correct.